High Tea Extravaganza Marks King Charles's 2nd Year

June 28, 2024

In the spirit of joy and regal cheer, our Mayflower communities came alive with the grand celebration of King Charles's 2nd birthday as our king.

This special day brought together residents, families, and staff for an unforgettable event brimming with laughter, music, and delightful treats.

From elegant high teas to lively musical performances, each community added its unique touch to the festivities, creating moments that will be cherished for years to come. Here are the highlights of this memorable celebration across our Mayflower communities!

Pictured above: Sue is radiant, as she enjoys the entertainment and the connection she shares with family and friends at Mayflower Brighton.

Mayflower Edith Bendall’s Regal Cheer

At Mayflower Edith Bendall in Pascoe Vale, residents were treated to an elegant high tea fit for royalty. It was a feast for a king, with royal fine bone china adorning the tables and our talented in-house chefs preparing delicious homemade English-style treats like cucumber and cheese canapés.

Leading up to the day, residents took part in craft session creating crowns to wear, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

Mayflower Reservoirs Entertaining Celebration

Meanwhile, at Mayflower Reservoir, the laughter was truly contagious. Residents were delighted by a live performer presenting popular songs from ABBA. The energetic performance had toes tapping and spirits soaring, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and nostalgia.

The lively music brought back cherished memories for many, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents.

Pictured above: Themed live entertainment across our homes were a hit.

Mayflower Brighton’s Royal Extravaganza

Mayflower Brighton was also transformed into a royal extravaganza, as residents gathered for a birthday party fit for a king. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as a three-piece band filled the air with lively tunes, prompting everyone to tap their feet.

A life-size cutout of His Royal Highness added a touch of grandeur and light-hearted humour to the festivities, becoming a popular spot for photos and laughter.

And let's not forget the lovely high tea with full service that added a touch of elegance to the day.

The meticulously arranged tea settings, complete with fine china and delectable treats, made everyone feel like royalty. It was heartwarming to see families joining the celebration, creating cherished memories with their loved ones. The sight of grandparents, parents, and children coming together to enjoy the festivities was truly special.

Café Vibes High Tea Surprise

In the spirit of generosity and community, Café Vibe at Mayflower Brighton hosted a complimentary high tea for all. Residents from our Independent Living Units and Aged Care residence came together, and family members also enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones on the public holiday.

The event was a wonderful mix of delicious treats, warm conversations, and the joy of shared moments, making it a truly memorable day for everyone involved.

A More Meaningful Party

Across our Mayflower communities, these events held deep meaning. They empowered residents to reminisce about past royal birthdays and travels to London, sparking fond memories and stories shared with loved ones.

Celebrations like these foster connections among residents, our team, and families, strengthening the bonds within our community. The shared moments of joy and togetherness highlighted the strong sense of community that Mayflower fosters.

As we reflect on these celebrations, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated team members, volunteers, and generous donors who made it all possible. Their commitment and support brought abundant joy and a sense of belonging to residents and their families.

Without their tireless efforts, such memorable events would not be possible.

We are excited to continue fostering this sense of community and togetherness through future events and celebrations.

Each occasion provides an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between residents, their families, and the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to make Mayflower a wonderful place to live.

We look forward to many more such joyous occasions in the future, bringing smiles and happiness to all our residents.


King's Birthday Highlights Across Mayflower

Watch the highlights of King Charles's 2nd birthday across out Mayflower Communities! Join us for a joyful celebration with elegant high teas, lively music, and family gatherings.

From Mayflower Edith Bendall's regal high tea to Mayflower Reservoir's ABBA tribute, and Brighton's royal extravaganza, experience the warmth and joy that brought our community together.