Knit one, pearl one, chat along

July 30, 2019

There is nothing like a good stitching session to bring a group together, and our Mayflower Reservoir residents love a good catch up over the crochet hooks.

IMG 0536A

Led by our beloved volunteer Mrs Oneglia “Nellie” Birri our residents have enjoyed working on a colourful, knitted patchwork tapestry. Giovanna, Norma, Margaret and Janis have all been knitting individual squares that Nellie is sewing together into a larger installation.

Nellie is well-known around Mayflower Reservoir, with her late husband, Arthur Birri being a much-loved resident.

Residents appreciate her extensive knowledge of knitting, sewing and crocheting, with the odd cheeky male resident approaching the ladies with a request for a shirt or trouser repairs.

The chance to catch up and flex both mental muscles and dexterity of hands through crocheting and knitting is excellent for the wellbeing of our residents. A chat and a laugh at the same time never goes astray.

We will keep track of Nellie’s patchwork project and bring updates of the finished piece.