Knitting for a good cause

September 11, 2019

It was warm hearts and warm blankets for a recent visit to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for a kind group of Mayflower Brighton residents.

Knitting Group August 2019

Our knitting and sewing ladies have put their skills and hobby to good use to help the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and Adoption Centre. A small group of residents recently visited the hospital to drop off the fruits of their labour.

Marjorie, Gwen and Pamela attended with Debbie and Teresa, from our Lifestyle Team, where they were tempted to smuggle a couple of lovable kittens back to Mayflower Brighton!

At the residents’ request, a cheeky stop at McDonalds for lunch on their return journey was enjoyed by all.

Mayflower Brighton’s sewing and knitting group is held every Wednesday afternoon and welcomes all residents, regardless of abilities, as the Lifestyle Team are more than happy to teach a few simple stitches. Residents who are unable to knit enjoy sewing the finished squares together into larger pieces making attractive and useful rugs.

To expand our residents’ skills, Teresa is currently completing a needle punch course. Needle punching is similar to rug hooking and is perfect for residents who may have difficulty handling knitting needles or crochet hooks.

This popular group activity is also a great social event, with as much chatter as sewing. Our residents look forward to creating many more items which they can donate to local charities.

Lort Smith 2019 1
Lort Smith August 2019 2
Lort Smith August 2019 3