Ladies Who Lunch, Get Singing.

November 20, 2020

Dorothy has been enjoying a sing-along with personal care assistant, Christina.

A sing-along is a great way to transport yourself to a memory almost forgotten, while relaxing and having fun with others.

It is also an important part of our person-centred model of care which aims at engagement in meaningful activities and preventing loneliness and boredom. Bringing joy and happiness to peoples lives.

Dorothy And Christina Low Res

Pictured above: Dorothy and Christina enjoy their time together singing along to their favourite songs.

Christina recently started holding sing-alongs for small groups of residents after lunch on weekends.

The activity has proven popular, with many ladies who would normally excuse themselves from a group setting taking part.

The group prefers tunes from their youth, in this relaxed activity, singing the afternoon away after lunch.

“I have seen ladies who don’t normally talk, singing along remembering all the words,” says Christina.

The session is held using specialised sing-along DVD’s, filled with songs dedicated to eras and themes that truly resonate with residents. Lyrics are presented in a karaoke style to help following the songs when you might not know the words.