Level 4 Home Care Package: What’s Offered

September 2, 2021

Through the government’s My Aged Care Home Care Packages (HCP) Program, senior Australians can safely and comfortably continue living in their own homes while receiving the care and support they need.

Understanding the various levels of funding and what this means for you or a loved one can be daunting.

Here’s a quick guide to Level 4 packages and how they are intended to help people with high-level care needs.

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What Are the Four Levels of Home Care Packages?

Understanding what levels of care each type of package aligns with is a helpful place to start.

Through the My Aged Care program:

  • Level 1 Home Care Packages are designed to help people with basic care needs
  • Level 2 packages support people with low-level care needs
  • Level 3 packages are intended for people with intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 packages provide support for people with high-level care needs

Who Is Eligible for a Level 4 Home Care Package?

An Aged Care Assessment Team (also referred to as ‘ACAT’) will determine what package level you or a family member qualify for during an in-person assessment.

In general, older people with health conditions that require more frequent and intensive attention may qualify for a Level 4 package.

This could include seniors with mobility issues or complex health conditions that require daily visits from a care worker, as well as people who need support for hearing or vision impairments, continence management, dementia and other conditions that require more advanced nursing support or allied health services.

Someone approved for a Level 4 package may require assistance completing basic tasks around the home, managing their nutrition and medication, and keeping up with personal care activities such as showers and dressing.

Level 4 Home Care Package Fees and Funding

If you or a loved one qualify for a Level 4 package, here is what to expect in terms of home care fees and funding, from government subsidies to the costs you may need to cover.

What Will the Government Contribute?

The amount of government funding increases each year. From July 2021, the maximum daily subsidy rate at Level 4 is $143.50. This amounts to approximately $52,400 in funding annually.

Keep in mind that, in some instances, the government may approve you for a Level 4 package, but start by assigning you to a lower package level so that you can start receiving funding sooner.

According to My Aged Care, “You will remain in the national priority system while you wait for a package at your approved level, while receiving services through a lower level package. When a higher level package becomes available you will be automatically upgraded to the higher level package by My Aged Care.”

What Might a Level 4 Home Care Package Recipient Need to Pay?

As a Level 4 Package recipient, you may be responsible for covering a basic daily fee of up to $11.26 per day. However, home care providers like Mayflower do not charge this fee, which can help you or your loved ones reduce the costs of home care.

Additionally, the government may determine that you are eligible to pay an income tested care fee. In other words, if you have the financial means to do so, you will be required to cover some of the costs associated with your care.

The maximum income tested care fee is $5,879.85 for a part pensioner, and $11,759.74 for a self funded retiree (at March 2022). People living on a full pension do not have to pay this fee.

When you pay an income tested care fee, this amount will be subtracted from the government’s contribution so that you partly split the costs of your home care services.

Using a Level 4 Home Care Package

Understanding what you can do with home care package funds you’re eligible for, and where to access those services, is an important aspect of ensuring you or a family member get the most out of home care.

What Is Included in a Level 4 Home Care Package?

The type of home care and support you or a family member requires will depend on your health and personal care needs, and your Home Care Package will clarify what specific home care services you’re eligible for.

In general, the following may be covered under a Level 4 package:

  • Personal care support
  • Meal preparation and nutrition planning
  • Social support – to help you stay connected
  • Assistance to get out and about
  • Help to manage medications
  • Changing bandages and dressings
  • Continence management
  • Allied health services – such as physio or occupational therapy
  • Therapy services
  • Nursing care
  • Minor home modifications to improve safety
  • Assistive technology
  • Mobility aids – such as wheelchairs or walking frames
  • Telehealth services

It’s important to note that costs that aren’t directly related to your high-level care needs — such as rent or mortgage payments, groceries and entertainment — are not covered by any Home Care Package level.

Who Can Deliver Home Care Package Services?

A qualified home care service provider like Mayflower can partner with you to develop a suitable care plan designed to meet your needs.

Your government funding will be paid directly to the approved provider so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with managing your subsidy, making things simpler and easier to manage.

Mayflower Delivers Top-Quality Care to Those Who Need it Most

High-level care needs are not easy to manage on your own.

But, with the right support and friendly carers at your side, you can put your mind at ease, knowing you are able to stay safe and well in the comfort of your own home.

Reach out to our team at Mayflower to learn more about the home care services we offer in the Bayside and Northern Melbourne suburbs. Or download our helpful guide to understanding home care.