Local Children Brighten Residents Day with Handwritten Messages

October 22, 2020

Residents were delighted to receive some lovely hand-written letters from students at Brighton Primary School, given them just the lift they needed as COVID-19 restrictions start to ease.

Pam received a letter from Felix, with a penned request for more information about dinosaurs.

Although Pam wasn’t around when dinosaurs walked this great earth, Pam is looking forward to writing back to Felix.

“I’ll have to think of a story to tell about dinosaurs, and a fantasy story too,” says Pam with a smile.

Felix wrote, “I really like dinosaurs, so if you have any stories about them, I’d love to hear about it in your letter,”

There were some heartfelt moments, as residents gathered to read the letters together, with some addressed to specific individuals.

Ellen was one of those lucky individuals, receiving a personally addressed letter with a skilled drawing of herself together with her new pen-pal Sienna attached. “Isn’t it lovely,” says Ellen.

We are so grateful to the Brighton Primary School students for thinking of us all while they are studying from home. We have posted copies of these lovely letters around the residence for everyone to read.

Ellen With Letter Low Res

Ellen was pleased to receive her own personalised letter, complete with a drawing of her and new pen pal, Sienna.

Here is a very small sampling of the many letters we received.

A lovely heart-covered letter from Elizabeth;

“Dear residents of Mayflower, I hope you are doing okay during lockdown. At the start of lockdown, I got my first pet, which is a cat called Harry. He brightens up my lockdown.I know I miss my grandparents, and I’m sure your grandkids miss you too.”

“I hope my letter made your day, and hope you are staying safe.” – Soha

Toby wrote, “I have been doing home learning, and I can’t see my friends. I know you will feel it too, but we will get past this together. I am very thankful for all the health care workers who are taking care of all the people living in Mayflower. I know its hard during this time, but you are a hero for this. Thank you so much.”

“I hope you are having a great day and coping during this lockdown,” said Jordan

“I hope you are doing well and keeping safe during these very tough times, I know it is very hard for you not seeing anyone. I hope you stay safe and well,” from Michael-Angelo

Sabella wrote, “I have been staying home and doing online schooling. I miss seeing my sister and friends. I think you miss your families because they can’t come over to see you. Quarantine is boring. But I am grateful that I am safe at home and have my family with me!”

Milla’s letter was a crowd favourite, complete with a joke on a separate sheet that brought a smile to many faces,

The Joke: “Why should you weave trees alone?” Answer: “Because, they want to be leafed alone!”

And Milla’s heartfelt letter,

“Dear residents at Mayflower,

I hope you are well and safe. I know it's been a tough time for everyone, but I hope that joke made you smile, even a little.

As you would know there isn't much to do but I love doing daily walks with my friends to get some fresh air.

I can admit life has been pretty boring lately, so I hope you all are getting through it with positivity.

I hope I made you smile with this letter because even the smallest things can make your day.”


A small sampling of the very many letters residents received. These wonderful letters and drawings were also enjoyed by staff and visitors.

Letter 1

Millas kind handwritten letter was complete with a joke and a drawing.

Felix Letter Low Res

Letter from Felix, with a request for stories about dinosaurs. Pam, was quick to reply and send some information on dinosaurs, and told of her favourite fantasy stories.