Local Student Gives Bags of Happiness to Mayflower Brighton

April 15, 2020

Issy, a compassionate and energetic 11-year-old living near Mayflower Brighton and student of Firbank Girls Grammar, contacted us recently wanting to gift our seniors something special to help lift their spirits during this challenging time.

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This Bag of Happiness really did bring Joyce a little extra sprinkle of happiness to her evening.

Issy was true to her word and put her heart into creating 30 gorgeous ‘Happy Bags’ for residents living in our aged care home.

The bags contain handmade treasures including a tissue paper flower, dual purpose crochet bracelet or bookmarker, cheerful badge, positive affirmation card and an A4 ‘Happiness Poster’. The bag also contains a greeting card with a message from Issy, and photos of her beloved pets Roxie the adolescent bird and Mustard the 15-year-old dog.

Firbank Girls Grammar has a focus on generosity towards others Issy explains in her letter. “We have been learning about helping others and giving back to the community.”

Learning from home during the current school closure gave Issy the inspiration and opportunity to make ‘Happy Bags’ for local seniors. “We are learning from home because school is closed, and this made me think of others that may be at home too.” Issy was able to do her creative work between school assignments and playing with her sister Ruby.

The bags were handed out to 30 excited residents, each receiving a unique gift of their own.

Joyce, a resident of Mayflower Brighton was one of the happy recipients and was especially delighted when she read the card. The Easter greeting card reminded Joyce of her own family, and two children who also went to the same girl’s grammar school, and her son Frank who attended Brighton Grammar.

“Oh, this card reminds me of my own family!” said Joyce “My daughters went to Firbank school too, I enrolled them the minute they were born. It was a fabulous school.”

Joyce was very thankful to receive her ‘Happy Bag’ and wore the bracelet and badge proudly. “This is all for me?” said Joyce with a smile. “Thank you!”

We are extremely grateful for our generous and supportive community and would like to say a warm “Thank You” to Issy for her creative and thoughtful gift.

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Inside Joyce's own 'Happy Bag': Hand made treasures galore!

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The Easter greeting card from Issy expresses her heart and introduces some of her special family members.

Issy Creating

Issy busy creating the bracelet/bookmarks with individual designs. Of course her dog Mustard was overseeing the project.