Love and Remembrance: St Valentine's Day

February 20, 2024

At Mayflower, St Valentine's Day unfolded in a tapestry of love, compassion, and cherished memories. The halls and event rooms each glimmered with hues of pink and red, adorned with hearts and roses, setting the stage for a celebration unlike any other.

Across Mayflower, residents, team members, volunteers and family members came together to revel in the spirit of the day. Dancing ensued, love filled the air, and joy abounded as friendships were strengthened and bonds deepened. Live performances and delectable treats added to the enchantment of the day. From romantic melodies to heart-shaped pastries, every detail was meticulously crafted to delight the senses and warm the heart.

At Mayflower Brighton, the festivities reached new heights with 2 live performers serenading the crowd with beloved romantic melodies as residents and visitors enjoyed their high tea, freshly prepared by our in-house chefs. Residents also enjoyed a glass of wine or cuppa with their elegant tea.

Meanwhile, at Mayflower Reservoir, Adam's soulful acoustic guitar and vocals set the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of enchantment. Heart-shaped pastries adorned with strawberries and cream—truly a feast for both the eyes and the palate - were freshly prepared by Chef Lionel. Each resident across the residence received s beautiful single-stem rose.

These exquisite offerings added an extra layer of delight to the celebration, captivating the senses and creating an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

The celebration wasn't confined to the walls of Mayflower alone. Across our community, spanning Mayflower Home Care, Independent Living and everywhere in between, families and friends joined in the festivities in their own way, bringing smiles and bouquets of beautiful roses for their loved ones.

And amidst it all, there were also moments of unexpected joy, as some lucky team members received roses from their partners, sparking conversations and laughter that echoed through the halls.

Yet amidst the festivities, we remained mindful of the bittersweet moments that St Valentine's Day can evoke. For some residents, it was a time to remember late spouses and reflect on cherished memories. We were sensitive to these emotions, offering support and solace to those who needed it most.

In celebrating St Valentine's Day, we celebrated not just romantic love, but the love that exists between friends and family. We recognise that not everyone has a romantic partner, and so honoured the diverse forms of love that enrich our lives each day.

As roses were exchanged and smiles shared, it became clear that love knows no boundaries. It transcends time and space, bringing people together in a tapestry of shared experiences and heartfelt connections.

On this St Valentine's Day, as we celebrated friendship, family, and relationships of all kinds, the love that permeated Mayflower illuminated the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to be a part of it.