Lovely Lollipops

October 2, 2019

Mayflower Macleod residents have a strong reputation of getting involved in the community, and residents Lorraine and Jeff are no exception.

Mayflower 46T4317

Rain, hail or shine, these caring crossing supervisors are out in force each school day keeping children and parents safe. Dressed in fluoro yellow and orange and with the iconic lollipop sign in hand, Lorraine and Jeff help Macleod children cross the road to and from school.

School Crossings were introduced in Victoria somewhere after World War II around schools that pedestrians frequently crossed at peak times. In 1973 the need for supervisors, more affectionately as “Lollipop People”, became apparent following a spate of serious accidents at flagged crossings.

Lorraine is a veteran crossing supervisor of 9 years and knows many of the children and their parents -- even their dogs -- by name. Jeff is just beginning his lollipop career, having donned his high-vis jacket for the first time this year to dutifully wait by the red and white posts outside Heidelberg Primary School.

Jeff and Lorraine both say that they enjoy the personal daily interaction with the children and parents, always with a bright and cheery smile.