Magic Tricks

June 12, 2019

Magic Surge visited Mayflower Reservoir recently to the delight and excitement of residents. Naturally he brought a bag full of entertaining tricks to puzzle the minds of staff and residents alike.

240519 MF 240

Mayflower resident Don participated in the rope tricks, along with our lifestyle coordinator Helen. Nobody could find any reasonable explanation as to why the rope shortened, extended, and split into small pieces, but everyone was delighted to see it magically come back together.

Magic Surge also performed some clever card tricks and, made some amazing balloon animals including a swan and a cat, before pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

Residents cheerfully applauded his mastery and were particularly pleased to find the rabbit was real, with everyone enjoying the chance for a cuddle with the friendly bunny.

Thank you, Magic Surge, for bringing magic to our day.

240519 MF 28
240519 MF 204
240519 MF 216
240519 MF 227
240519 MF 255