Marion Celebrates 91st Birthday with Pod Visit

May 11, 2020

We’ve been busy finding new ways to help residents maintain their social connections.

Marion Low Res

Marion simply couldn't hide how she felt, and was clearly delighted to receive some lovely gifts from her family.

Our new indoor ‘visiting pods’ at Mayflower Brighton have Perspex screens installed to support face to face visits for residents and their loved ones, while keeping social distancing in place.

For Marion, this was the perfect solution for her 91st birthday celebrations, as she hosted her special guests from behind the safety of the screen.

Marion was delighted to receive two special visits from her family, showering her with gifts, love and appreciation, to celebrate her special day.

Happy Birthday Marion, we hope you enjoyed your birthday with your family.

Marion Gifts Low Res

Marions family look on with anticipation as she opens her gifts. How lovely!

Marion And Family 2 Low Res

It is special moments like these that we remember. Happy Birthday Marion!