Mayflower Brighton Retirement Community Visits Mornington for Archibald

November 17, 2023

Our Mayflower Brighton retirement community recently embarked on a delightful trip that combined art, camaraderie, and the scenic beauty of Australia. A 20-seater bus, driven by experienced bus driver John whisked them away to Mornington, where they had the privilege of experiencing the prestigious Archibald exhibit.

Mayflower Brighton retirement living residents viewing a portrait of a woman.

The journey itself was a picturesque experience, as the bus took a short detour where passengers enjoyed a glimpse at the countryside landscapes of Mornington.

Upon arrival, the group decided to kick off their artistic journey with a visit to a local café before immersing themselves in the world of art.

With renewed energy, everyone made their way to the Archibald exhibit, which promised an array of spectacular and interesting artworks. As they wandered through the galleries, there was a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs," punctuated by lively commentary, critique and animated discussions among the visitors.

The Archibald exhibit showcased a diverse range of portrait paintings, each with its unique charm and storytelling. From lifelike depictions of famous personalities to imaginative interpretations of everyday people, the residents were enthralled by the artistry and creativity on display. The favourite portrait among the group was the very large, and very blue, favoured for its remarkable eyes  - Matt Adnate, ‘Echoes of a Teenage Superstar’ – a portrait of Daniel Johns, known as the former lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the Australian rock band Silverchair.

It wasn't just the art that made the day special, though; it was the sense of togetherness and shared enjoyment that truly defined this outing. For the residents of our Mayflower Brighton retirement community, this excursion provided a break from the everyday, and an opportunity to connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

This bus trip served as an important reminder that art has the power to bring people together, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression, Heather, our Independent Living Coordinator agrees, “The bus trip was certainly beneficial, and everyone enjoyed themselves – we will certainly do more in 2024.”

Two mayflower residents sitting down and enjoying the Archibald exhibit.
A woman viewing a carton like portrait of Claudia Karvan
Two women viewing a photo realistic portrait of Noni Hazelhurst.
A resident sitting at a coffee table enjoying a break from the Archibald exhibit.