Mayflower Brighton Welcomes Music Therapist – with thanks to Ducas Paul Foundation

December 18, 2021

For the last two months, our ears and hearts have been experiencing something new – Music Therapy.

Registered Music Therapist, Romy (or 'roaming Romy' to some) - has been spending one-on-one sessions with residents - and running impromptu small group music sessions on Tuesday afternoons.


Pictured above: John and Romy enjoy their time together, with an impromtu session in the lounge area.

Romy is absolutely thrilled to join the team. So far, the music therapy has resulted in improvements in mood, increased alertness, recalling of memories and meaningful engagement with family members.

Romy became part of the Mayflower Family thanks to a generous grant from the Ducas Paul Foundation. The grant is specifically aimed at enhancing the wellbeing and engagement of seniors living in care, with the use of remedial music being at the forefront.

In the early months of 2022, Romy, alongside our Lifestyle team, will be bringing together a brand-new choir social group. Residents, family members and locals will come together as a community, enjoy afternoon tea, make new friends and build on their singing and dancing skills.

A supportive, empowering and therapeutic space.

The Mayflower Choir won't be like any other choir. It will be therapy, too. Residents will be encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with each other – combatting loneliness and other issues they may be facing.

The choir will also provide an opportunity for residents, family members, team members, and the broader Mayflower Community to spend time reminiscing and fostering engagement while building meaningful, lasting connections.

Choir members will help shape the program's design, including choosing songs, being part of public performances, and choosing the choir's name.

How does Music Therapy help older adults, and people living with dementia?

Music is beneficial for everyone and particularly helpful for people living with dementia. Approximately 60% of people living at Mayflower Brighton live with dementia at various stages, making this a significant consideration when designing the program.

Key benefits of music therapy and singing in a choir setting include:

  • Motivating movement (tapping hands or feet, smiling and swaying, dancing, standing to sing, etc)
  • Coordinating, maintaining and enhancing primary motor function with dance
  • Improving communication and engagement (both verbal and nonverbal)
  • Improved immunity and perceived wellbeing
  • Relieving and reducing loneliness and boredom
  • Encouraging positive thoughts, emotions, and memories
  • Calming nervousness and relieving stress
  • Enabling reminiscing to encourage meaningful conversations and sharing stories with others
  • Enhancing independence by affirming abilities and goal achievement
  • Fostering social engagement and a 'sense of belonging' through meaningful, lasting connections in a regular group session
  • Promoting fun, happiness and joy
  • Being able to speak to a registered therapist, in a comfortable and non-confronting environment

Thank you to the Ducas Paul Foundation

It has been an incredibly challenging year for older people living in aged care. The Ducas Paul Foundation grant has helped us provide additional engagement services when needed most – and we are forever grateful.

We can’t wait to share more updates on the choir with you in the New Year!