Meet Aman

August 9, 2022

Residents of Mayflower Reservoir have been delighted with some new company – and her hobby has residents excited to get cooking – with a surprise.

It is no secret that Mayflower Reservoir is growing, with building works completed, and beautifully fresh state-of-the-art facilities. And as the residence grows, our team is growing, too.

Meet Aman.

Aman and her husband, affectionately known as ‘Money,’ moved to Australia in 2018.

“I was a nurse in Pujab, in my home country of India, before joining Mayflower as a carer,“ says Aman.

Aman is now working with our Lifestyle Coordinator Helen, to bring meaningful activities to residents.

Aman has a caring and kind nature, and residents quickly formed connections with her.

“I love Mayflower Reservoir because the team and residents are so friendly,” she says. “I enjoy spending time with them one on one.“

Aman feels the time she spends with residents means as much to them as it does to her.

“I learn so much from residents,” she said.

Aman’s favourite hobby is cooking, with a surprise specialty.

“I love to cook roti and Indian curries, butter chicken – and an Italian dish, lasagna.

“My husband spent three years in Italy, so I learnt it from him.”

Aman’s top tip to get the perfect crispy-topped lasagna is all in the timing.

“I always cover my lasagna in a deep pan with foil, and then right at the end, I take it off.”

“This lets the cheese brown and go extra crispy and delicious,” she says.

Aman plans to bring her special hobby to residents.

“I am looking forward to cooking lasagna with some residents soon,” she says.