Meet Annie

December 22, 2020

Annie is a lover of the arts and travel, with a long and distinguished nursing career. She is also a firm believer that finding a career that you love, is key to a happy life.

Annie arrived in Australia from Glasgow in 1949, when she was just 21 years old. Annie was fortunate to be able to visit Australia on holiday – something that was considered a luxury at the time.

Annie took the big journey alone, and after falling in love with our country, decided to call Australia home, with her family following a short time later.

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Pictured above: Annie with our cheeky cat-neighbour. We don't know his name, but he is certainly a welcome visitor!

Settling in Melbourne, Annie was employed by a firm of insurance brokers, but after a few years, she took the first steps in what became a lifetime career in nursing.

“I commenced general training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital School of Nursing,” says Annie, “followed by midwifery at the Royal Women’s Hospital.”

After several years nursing, including a short stint in Queensland’s Mackay Hospital, Annie returned to her studies. This time Annie completed an administration course at the College of Nursing, before returning to the Royal Melbourne Hospital once again.

Annie’s career continued to progress, and she was appointed Director of Nursing at Queen Victoria Medical Centre. Taking responsibility in her stride, Annie thrived in her new role, supported by a strong team of staff.

“I spent many happy years at Queen Victoria,” says Annie, “including the period when we moved to the new Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.”

“The decision to close Queen Victoria and build Monash Medical Centre was exciting and the nursing staff were very much involved in planning the move,” says Annie.

“It was a big job,” she says, “but I had a great team of nurses.”

While planning for the move to Clayton, Annie visited Vancouver to learn about a similar operation that had been successfully undertaken.

“All in all it was a very interesting time,” says Annie.

“To have been involved in nursing has been a very satisfying life, and a real privilege. Many true friendships were made, and we are still very close.

“It really is true that if do what you love, you will never work a day in your life,” she says.

Outside of work, Annie is a lover of the arts and was a frequent traveller, enjoying lovely times in Europe and the UK, with special memories in France.

“I am enjoying a quiet life now,” says Annie, who is an avid book worm with a penchant for thrillers.

Annie also enjoys animals and welcomes the occasional visit from a cheeky local cat, who pops into the Mayflower gardens from time to time.

“He just hopped up on my lap with no invitation,” says Annie with a smile, “He is such a friendly and gorgeous cat.”

We don’t know his name, but he certainly is a welcome part of the Mayflower family.