Meet Elizabeth – Devoted Mum, Grandmother, Nurse, Parishioner, and Surfer

October 31, 2021

Meet Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is well-known in the Mayflower Brighton community for her enthusiasm for social activities, reading many books, and outgoing nature.

One of Elizabeth's favourite activities is attending Bible study. She feels at home to share her story and build meaningful connections with others.

Recently Elizabeth shared a story that was a little surprising to some of us - it was an experience that taught her an invaluable life lesson.  

And with her permission, we would love to share her story with you, too.

Elizabeth holding open her photo album with Black and white pictures from her youth.

Pictured above: Elizabeth shares her photo album, that was gifted to her on her 90th birthday and filled with beautiful memories. She is pictured on the right with her husband Andrew.

Elizabeth grew up near the beach near Queenscliff, and as a teenager, she loved nothing more than to dive into the water with friends.

Her friends enjoyed surfing, and Elizabeth did too.

“We would go to the back beach, and get some pretty decent waves,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was so determined to surf those waves, that she would borrow the family ironing board to take to the water.

At the time, ironing boards really were exactly that - 'boards.' They were made of heavy timber and shaped a little differently to the hollow-framed ironing boards of today.

"Of course, it didn't float very well," says Elizabeth. "I had to haul this heavy thing across the beach - but I loved surfing with my friends, so I persisted."

Elizabeth often asked her father, Rupert, for a 'real' surfboard. Rupert was concerned the purchase may be frivolous, and Elizabeth's request was denied.

Over time, Rupert saw how much Elizabeth loved surfing, concluding that the valuable purchase would be well used.

"Well, after about 18 months, my father gratefully agreed to buy me a real surfboard," Elizabeth says. "This taught me a valuable lesson I then passed on to my daughters."

"I learned that we don't need instant gratification, and only to buy things that you really need and will use well."

Photos of Elizabeth as a youngster in her school uniform and holing a tennis racquet

Pictured above: Elizabeth as a youngster. Elizabeth was also a keen tennis player, "I played really quite well," she said.

Photo of Elizabeth and Andrew on their wedding day.

Pictured above: Elizabeth looking radiant on her wedding day.