Meet Garry

August 2, 2020

Garry is a personal care assistant, working within our Reservoir residence, and once you get to know him, you will know why so many of our residents love him, too.

Like many of our nurses and care staff, Garry’s calling for caring started when he was looking after his grandfather, while still living in his homeland of India.

“I believe my foundation in caring was laid down back in India while I cared for my grandfather,” says Garry. “My grandfather fell from a balcony, and we nursed him in our home for about eight months, before he sadly passed away.”

Garry is proud of his decision to work in aged care here in Australia.

“My grandparents lived with us in India, and that is what made me turn to this industry - and I love working in it,” says Garry, adding “it’s physically tiring sometimes, but emotionally it is very rewarding.”

Garry Cropped

Pictured above: Garry has a warm and caring nature, and finds building connections with residents and assisting them with outings the most rewarding.

All in the family

Garry and wife both work in aged care, and he speaks proudly of being happily married for 14 years.

“My wife is my motivation and inspiration - she is a team leader at another home. She inspired me and encouraged me to get qualified to work in aged care,” says Garry.

Garry commenced his care career in 2008, gaining broad experience working across a variety of homes, and he even worked in country areas for some time. He says that nothing compares to working at Mayflower Reservoir.

He has also undertaken additional training, which is specialised around supporting people living with dementia.

Living local

Garry was most excited when saw the job at Mayflower Reservoir advertised three years ago, realising it was just two blocks from home. The team at Mayflower were just as excited when they saw Garry’s application.

“Robert saw my resume and hired me immediately,” says Garry. “I was so excited. Robert is very supportive of his staff.”

“I’m a personal care support worker,” says Garry, “and I am trained to assist residents with medications as well. At the moment I help with personal care tasks, and assist with lifestyle activities and outings, and I enjoy driving the bus whenever I can.”

Garry loves taking residents on the lifestyle outings most.

“I really enjoy getting out and about with our residents because it gives them new experiences and things to do,” he says. “It’s a great way to help them enjoy their leisure time, as well as spend time socialising with others.”

“I also love being part of the local community and having a quick commute to work,” says Garry.

Although living close to work, Garry is also a caring husband, making sure his wife arrives safely at work before he starts his day.

“I always drop my wife off at work first,” Garry says.

A true sense of team

Garry believes teamwork is key to making a difference in the lives of people in Mayflower’s care and is thankful for the caring culture within Mayflower Reservoir.

“Our team really work together to make a difference,” says Garry. “We aim to be uplifting and to do things the best way we can.”

He is particularly appreciative of the support he gets from one of the nurses he often works with.

“Katherine is a fantastic nurse,” says Garry, “I learn a lot working under her supervision.”

Recently Garry has been able to build on a relationship with a resident who has found it hard to leave his room, however with Garry’s gentle approach and care, he has made a real difference in the residents’ life.

Robert, the Executive Officer, Aged Care at Reservoir, talks highly of Garry’s sensitive approach to care.

“Garry has magic hands and a gentle approach,” says Robert, “he was able to coach and help our resident over a period of time, giving him the confidence to come out of his room, it was fantastic to see.”

Something special

Garry thinks Mayflower Reservoir really has something special.

“It’s like a home away from home, we do everything we can to build a real sense of family,” he says.

Outside of work, Garry enjoys keeping active in the garden, going hiking or going for a refreshing swim. Another passion of Garry’s is listening to music that reminds him of his mother country, India.

“I love to listen to soulful music called Qwalies,” says Garry.