Meet Param

August 6, 2020

Param has a gentle and caring nature, with a calling for caring for others. He’s excited about changes happening at Mayflower Reservoir and the opportunities it will bring.

Param learnt the value of caring in his home country of India, where families take the full responsibility of caring for their loved ones, living as one large family household.

“Where I came from, in India, we look after our parents ourselves as there’s no aged care.  I was the carer for my grandparents,” Param says.

This sparked something inside Param’s heart.

“Looking after my grandparents helped me find my passion,” says Param.

“I first took up medical studies in India and when I came to Australia, I had the opportunity to study nursing. I wanted to be in the medical field no matter what.”

In 2009 came the proud day when Param could finally practice nursing as a registered nurse.

“I achieved my registration in 2009,” he says with pride.


Looking for connection

Param started his nursing career in a hospital, but he longed for the opportunity to really engage with and form bonds with his patients.

“I started off working in general medical wards in hospitals,” he says, “but the care is short term and I felt I was missing out on something. It’s hard to build a relationship with people when you are with them for such a short time.”

Param soon moved to a role in aged care, where he could form stronger connections with the people that he cared for.

“It’s been a great experience for me in aged care,” says Param. “In a care home I am able to create a real bond with the residents, a strong relationship. Just like when I cared for my grandparents.”

Params philosophy towards work and his life is to keep smiling. He believes that a smile is contagious and can really lift your spirits, and those around you.

“I like to come to work with a smile on my face every day” he says. “The mood you bring to work can influence everyone else. So, I come in with a nice gesture, and spread positivity.”

A breadth of skills

In society, the specialist care that an aged care nurse provides can sometimes be overlooked. Param believes each nurse in aged care has a special talent, training, and often performs beyond the realms of other nurses.

“Aged care is really a specialised field,” says Param.

“You need a really vast knowledge – you need to understand all the different diagnoses and medications. But the most important part is understanding the individual needs of each resident.”

Param has been working for Mayflower since 2015 but, took a short break when he secured a promotion at another home. During this time, Param stayed in close contact with his Mayflower team, missing the homely environment.

“I went to work as a director of nursing and general manager,” says Param, “but I stayed in touch with Mayflower. I always wanted to come back.”

When the right role came up, Param was welcomed back with open arms.

Along with residents and co-workers, Mayflower’s Chief Executive Officer, Rosa, came to visit Param upon his return to welcome him back to Mayflower Reservoir.

“Rosa came and saw me when I returned. When the CEO recognises your work, it’s really great. It is so lovely to be so appreciated and recognised.”

Valuing teamwork and leadership

From the moment Param first visited Mayflower Reservoir, he knew it was the right place for him.

“As soon as I walked in, the home clicked with me,” says Param. “The way I was welcomed - I knew I needed to work here. There was no doubt in my mind.”

Param was particularly impressed by his interview experience with Robert, the Executive Officer, Aged Care. Mayflower’s management team believe in supporting individuals to succeed in their role while delivering outstanding and tailored care.

“By the way Robert handled the interview, I knew he was going to be very supportive and helpful,” says Param, “and he’s really delivered.”

Param loves working with a team who genuinely care about making a difference in residents’ lives.

“The staff here are really great,” he says. “They are friendly, have patience and caring natures, and always give one hundred percent.”

A reputation for quality care

Mayflower Reservoir harbours a warm, cosy and family atmosphere, where each individual person is supported for who they really are.

The cultures and languages are diverse, and residents and staff alike share experiences, traditions and cultural meals together.

“If you choose to come to Reservoir you will feel the friendly culture and caring nature of the staff,” says Param, “we love the mix of European cultures, everyone is welcomed and embraced.”

“We are all about person centred care here, and working around the person, not the routine. Care always comes first. Their choices and decisions are important, and we like to follow that.”

According to Param, the care provided is first class. And residents agree.

“We had a resident leave Mayflower Reservoir for a newer facility closer to their family, but the resident came back because of the care we give,” he says.

“And soon she will have a nice new home to live in, as well as our care.”

Special bonds transcend age and culture

Param has formed a special bond with much-loved resident, Norma.

“Norma and I have a special bond,” says Param. “Sometimes you just click with someone and a special friendship is formed.”

And over the past month there has been a real buzz around the facility as the team waited for Param’s new baby to arrive.

Norma was the most excited, checking in with Param every chance she got. Every time Norma saw Param she would ask if there was any news yet, and then surprised Param and his wife with a lovely hand-picked gift.

“Norma went shopping and surprised me with a beautiful gift bag filled with toys and baby clothes,” says Param. “It was really something special.”

Just recently, Param, and wife, Shilpa welcomed their baby girl Anaya into the world, and into the hearts of the Reservoir staff and residents too. Of course Norma was overjoyed. You can see a photo of baby Anaya by clicking here.

Norma and Param also have another love in common - reading novels.

“Just like Norma - I love reading novels in my own language,” says Param.

He also enjoys following the footy, barracking for the Hawks.

“I’m not much of a sports person but I go for Hawthorn. They will pick up soon,” he laughs.

A brand new building

While residents are tucked safely inside Mayflower Reservoir, tremendous change is happening around them, with a brand new aged care home being built just outside the door.

The first stage of the new Mayflower Reservoir will be completed shortly, and Param says the team will be working hard to maintain the home’s the warm cosy family atmosphere.

“Right now we are working really hard to make sure that everything wonderful about the old Mayflower Reservoir comes across to the new building,” says Param.

Param explains that the staff are like the heart of Mayflower Reservoir and can really influence the way future staff and residents experience the new home.

“Our staff are our nucleus - they make Reservoir what it is – and they will be working with the new staff to continue to build our sense of family and care.”

Norma Low Res

Just like Param, Norma really loves books. You can read more about Norma by clicking here