Meet Patty

February 28, 2024

Patty is an active resident in Mayflower’s Independent Living Units. She also uses our Home Care services to help her with a range of day-to-day activities such as medical visits, gardening, and shopping.

Patty describes our community as ‘lovely’ and enjoys her friendly neighbours and the company of our team. Before moving into Mayflower, Patty regularly visited our Brighton residence in her capacity as a singer in her Ukulele Group.

Patty loves to stay busy. She continues to have her ukulele friends over for a jam session once a week, and the group put on a concert once a year at Christmas time.

She is also part of the Mayflower Independent Living discussion group and card-making group. Patty’s brother Terry also lives in a Mayflower Independent Living Unit with his partner, Grannia.

“Mayflower is the only place I could live. People are so caring and helpful. If I need to see a physio, they make sure it happens. They are so good at looking after my health and daily living” says Patty.

Patty shares an extraordinary story with her neighbour, June. Both Patty and June grew up in Perth. They didn’t know each other and only met after they ended up living next door to each other at Mayflower. One day, June came into Patty’s home with a photo of three men with names on the back.

One of the men was June’s dad, and the other was Patty’s dad! Patty’s dad was a Judge, and their fathers had once worked together. The photo was taken at The Arbitration Court in February 1947. Since this discovery, Patty and June have realised they have many shared connections from their time in Perth and enjoy discovering these connections and reminiscing.

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our community, Patty.