Meet Ron Stockman, our very own AFL legend - at Mayflower Edith Bendall.

October 12, 2023

Ron's football career, spanning from 1953 to 1958, included 73 games, 1 Brownlow nomination and 1 unforgettable goal during Footscray's 1954 Grand Final victory.

And we would like to honour him.

Ron Stockman standing next to an honour wall of his football and lifetime highlights

Lifestyle Assistant, Lillian explains, 'We've created a special Hall of Fame display to honour Ron Stockman, a Past Premiership AFL Football Player who played for South Melbourne and Footscray. His remarkable goal in the Grand Final is legendary, and we wanted to celebrate his career with a display that pays tribute to his sporting legacy.'

Ron recalls that fateful day in 1954, 'I took my shot at the city end, but the sun blinded me. When my vision returned, I saw the goal umpire putting the flag away, and I thought, gee, it must have gone through.'

Another vivid memory from the 1954 Grand Final is the swarm of spectators on the field due to the MCG's Northern Stand construction for the 1956 Olympics.

Ron's journey to the Bulldogs began when he was recruited from West Footscray's District League team. Despite the initial challenges, he secured a spot as a half-back flanker in the seasons following the Premiership win.

Reflecting on his limited games in the '53 and '54 seasons, Ron appreciates the opportunity. He even played a crucial role in the '54 Grand Final as a half-forward, providing the spark the team needed.

The victory celebrations at Footscray Town Hall promised free drinks for all, but Ron and his teammate Harvey Stevens decided to leave as the situation became chaotic.

Ron's football journey is a testament to the dedication, unexpected moments of brilliance, and the unforgettable camaraderie that creates legends. Mayflower Edith Bendall is proud to celebrate Ron's remarkable career and his enduring place in Australian football history.