Meet Rupa!

January 13, 2020

A close relationship with her grandparents led Rupa into a career in aged care nursing. Leaving her home country of Nepal in 2004, she started a new life with her young family in Australia.


Nurse Rupa pictured with Mayflower Reservoir resident Siva

Rupa spent much of her childhood with her grandparents and loved the stories that they would tell her. She always felt comfortable with older people, which led her to study nursing in Nepal - further extending her study in aged care nursing after the birth of her second son in Australia.

Her regular afternoon shift at Mayflower Reservoir allows her to ensure her sons, now 14 and 15, have a hearty lunch packed and are seen off to school. Her days at work can be unpredictable, dependent upon the care needs of residents. This style of work suits Rupa, and she enjoys the challenges her role can throw at her, from diagnosing particular resident issues to celebrating with residents throughout the year.

One particular celebration Rupa enjoys is Diwali, or Tahir, reminding her of parties with her grandparents and family in Nepal. Sharing food, music and dancing, Rupa and her husband are close to the Australian Nepalese community, and she brings her love of her culture to the residents at Mayflower.

One Mayflower resident who loves sharing her customs with Rupa is Siva. Originally from the Ceylon region of Sri Lanka, Siva immigrated to Australia in 2010 and joined the Mayflower family in 2011. A descendant of workers sent to work in the coffee, tea and rubber plantations, she is a practising Hindu and is often seen greeting the sun and praying. Rupa has enjoyed learning many of Siva’s traditional folk dances such as Kavadi and Kummi, which were passed down through her family.

These two women have bonded over their traditions, celebrating Diwali together with music, food and dancing.