Modern Calligraphy a Hit

December 21, 2021

Residents were intrigued when they heard one of our team members enjoys doing a spot of modern calligraphy, and asked for a lesson in the new lettering art form.

Using an array of specialised brush pens, residents practised making thick and thin lines, swirls, and the very tricky letter ‘O’ – notorious for its double complexity in making smooth transitions from a thin line to thick, and back again.

Val And Marj Lr

Pictured above: Val and Marj concentrating on their lines, using specialised brush pens.

The room became very quiet as each attendee was in deep concentration – focusing on their lines. Here are June, Val, and Marj giving it a go and having some fun while doing it- at Mayflower Brighton

The group of 6 are looking forward to honing their new skills in their next lesson after the Christmas holiday season.

June And Val

Pictured above: June attempts the days of the week as she progresses through the lesson.