Olé! Olé!

October 21, 2019

Mayflower Brighton residents love a good excuse for a party, so it was no surprise that they came out in force for our cultural fiesta on Mexican Independence Day.

Often confused with Cinco de Mayo, Mexico's Independence Day commemorates September 16, 1810, when Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla made the first cry for independence from Spain.

Mexican Day Brighton Aged Care

Mexicans celebrate their country’s Independence Day with fireworks, parties, food, dance and music. Brass bands fill the streets, and governors re-enact "El Grito," the famous cry for freedom.

Our Mexican fiesta day provided residents with a taste of the colourful, spicy culture of the country. Residents helped make the decorations and enjoyed getting into the spirit of the day wearing colourful sombreros. Everyone wanted a turn at the pinata, with Pamela striking the successful blow that saw a bounty of colourful treats rain down to cheers of delight.

Lifestyle team member Genevieve said everyone had a wonderful time, dancing to traditional Mexican flavoured tunes and trying new culinary delights. The feast included fresh Mexican inspired donuts (churros), a spicy rice dish and a crowd-pleasing nachos plate for all to share.

First-hand cultural information and experiences were shared by Mayflower’s newest lifestyle member Alex, who moved to Australia from Mexico a year ago.

Photographed resident Slava said she had a wonderful time, enjoying the lively music and dancing on stage by the lifestyle team.