Olympic Spirit Runs High

August 3, 2021

The Mayflower Community is getting into the Olympic Spirit for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This year’s Olympics are like no other - after being delayed a full year, and with no audience - it is certainly interesting to watch it role out.

Ruth Andi And Deb Lr

Pictured above are Debbie, Ruth and Andi - in front of the balloon 'Olympic ring'.

While the main event is taking place in Tokyo, residents are marking this exciting time in their own way, just a little more locally.

Residents at Mayflower have been holding their own games and torch relays, all in the name of good fun and sportsmanship.

And, to spread the joy across our residences, everyone has been working together to put up some decorations - sparking the opportunity to reminisce about Olympics in times gone by, and when Melbourne was the proud host in 1956.

As part of the growing tradition at Brighton, residents, students and team members have decorated the ‘bridge’.

The now aptly named ‘Olympic Bridge’ has been adorned with Olympic colour, vintage posters, giant Olympic rings and a balloon arch that was later transformed into a giant balloon ring – also in Olympic colours, of course.

Rings Lr

Pictured above: Cleverly decorated hula-hoops have for some very eye-catching Olympic rings.

Torch 2 Lr

Pictured above: An 'Olympic torch' adorns the walls.