January 1, 2020

Celebrating all things Hellenic, residents at Mayflower Reservoir delighted in a “Greek Day” themed happy hour recently.

IMG 9200 Landscape

Resident Josef dancing with dancer Kayla

With Hellenic music and traditional Greek-dancers, residents at Mayflower Reservoir had a fun-filled time at their culturally themed Happy Hour.

Many residents living in Mayflower Reservoir originate from culturally diverse backgrounds, particularly from Greece and Italy and celebrating their cultures is as important to Mayflower as it is to them. Our Lifestyle team ensures these special days are embraced, with individuals kept in mind for each occasion.

A traditional Greek-style dancer from the Belly Dancer Kaylah company, donned in a bright and colourful dress, swept across the dance floor in style and grace, encouraging residents to try on the costumes and join in the dancing. Lifestyle member Helen also took to the dance floor in a traditional Greek-style costume. As the lively music played the occasional and familiar cry of “Opa!” echoed through the air.

“Opa!” or "Όπα!" written in the Greek alphabet is an expression most well known as an expression used during a party or dance, while breaking plates or to bring attention to the lively dancing on the dance floor.

Resident Tony was up and dancing with the dancers before we knew it and said he had a wonderful time.

“I enjoyed watching the belly dancer moving to the rhythm of the Greek music,” he said. “It took me back to my younger days in my homeland of Greece”.

IMG 9251Cropped

Resident Tony dancing to the lively music