Orthodox Easter Baking at Reservoir

May 4, 2021

Mayflower Reservoir residents have been busy, preparing for the biggest day on the Orthodox calendar – Easter Sunday.

Red dyed eggs are a traditional favourite, along with Koulourakia – festive biscuits traditionally eaten during this special time.

Mayflower 46T8998

Tony, retired chef and resident at Mayflower Reservoir, teaches team member Genevieve how to make traditional Koulourakia shapes.

Koulourakia, often called 'Greek Easter biscuits' - have a delicious crumbly texture, a subtle citrus zest and sweet vanilla flavour. It is easy to see why they are now often enjoyed during other celebrations.

Watch our video, to see how residents Tony and Maggie, and team members Helen and Genevieve, worked together to get these traditional treats ready in time for Sunday.

During the baking session, retired chef and resident, Tony, showcased skills in making the biscuits, producing various shapes, such as hairpin twists, and swirls.

Lifestyle coordinator Helen also spent another busy morning leading up to the day, baking traditional Greek Easter Sunday bread – Tsoureki, for residents to enjoy with their morning tea.

Scroll below images to watch the video.

Mayflower 46T8985

Maggie works with team member Genevieve, on some biscuits to share.

Mayflower 46T9005

Tonys shapes make a splash.

Mayflower 46T8972

Trays filled with gorgeous biscuits.

Mayflower 46T8969

Team member Genevieve and Lifestyle Coordinator Helen making extra trays of biscuits to share with all residents and team members across Mayflower Reservoir.

Mayflower 46T8932

Tony with one shiny red egg - polished to perfection.

Mayflower 46T9008

The final products of everyone working together - Koulourakia and red hard-boiled eggs, which are traditionally shared on Easter Sunday.

Orthodox Easter Baking

This is how to celebrate Easter – Orthodox, style.

Watch as residents and team members celebrated Easter by baking special treats together.