‘Painting by Numbers’ – it’s Back, and Trendier than Ever

June 5, 2021

Many residents love nothing more than sitting down to a relaxing session of mindful colouring – and painting by numbers is proving to be even more popular with discerning artists.

The revived art of ‘Painting by Numbers’ is a way for residents to practice mindfulness and exercise their creativity – by making their art piece their own and bending the ‘rules’ as they please.

Elaine Lr

Pictured above: Elaine starts painting the stem of her protea artwork.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, and completely engaged in an activity that isn’t so complicated that it creates stress. Instead, it helps you to focus and be completely in the moment.

And there are even more benefits – ‘Painting by Numbers’ is an excellent way for anyone at any age to learn how to paint, let tensions go, improve their mood, as well as their hand-eye coordination.

So why not try it today?

Kathleen Lr

Pictured above: Mindfulness is all about focusing and being in the moment - and Kathleen has her mindfulness skills down to an art.

Judy2 Lr

Pictured above: Judy takes to blending the colours for a more realistic effect.

Paint Lr

Pictured above: Each canvas comes with a picture of the finished art-piece, a clear outline, and all the paint you could need.