Peace of mind is key

October 2, 2017

Ellie has been living at Mayflower Brighton for 12 years and loves being part of the Mayflower community. Ellie lives in a newly refurbished unit in the Rodda Dixon Terraces, and was overjoyed when her apartment was upgraded during the year.

Ellie values her independent lifestyle, but feels reassured that Mayflower has other facilities on site should the need ever arise. So Ellie was particularly pleased when she heard that Mayflower was expanding it home care service, meaning that she would be able to stay in her much loved apartment for many years to come.

Home care officer, Tijana Auguste splits her time between providing home care services to Mayflower clients, as well as getting to know independent residents who may not need assistance for some time. Tijana believes it’s important to build strong relationships with residents, so that they can feel comfortable coming to her if they need any help.