Physiotherapy Team Embraces Legacy Week

September 9, 2020

Mayflower’s physio and allied health team has been handing out Legacy Week bears to our aged care residents who have a connection with Australia’s defence force services.

Mayflower engages an allied health team, from Empower Healthcare to assist residents to maintain their mobility and increase their range of movement.

Website Ana 600X320

Pictured above: Kendall and Ana spent time together, and Ana shared how her husband served our country for 50 years. We encourage you to visit the link below to learn more.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists Kendall, Lauren, Thea, Josh and Hongyi, are key members of the team who often go far beyond their job descriptions.

This dynamic group of allied health specialists has quickly become part of the Mayflower family, and often spend quality time with residents playing a friendly card game or by enjoying a cuppa in the garden.

During 2020 Legacy Week, the Empower team handed out 100 Legacy Week bears to their clients, with many happy recipients at Mayflower Brighton who truly understand the significance of Legacy Week.

Leading up to the week, the Empower team spent time one-on-one, learning how Dorothy, Frank, Ana, Shirley, Miriam and Ron, and their families, have served our country and what Legacy’s support means to them.

You can scroll through their gallery to read their stories and expression of appreciation for Legacy’s support to their families and loved ones by clicking here.

Website Shirley 600X320

Pictured above: Shirley with Physiotherapist Kendall. Shirley shares with Kendall how her husband served as an Air Force Pilot.

Website Dorothy 600X320

Pictured above: Physiotherapist Thea with Dorothy and her Legacy Bear. Dorothy talks about her husband serving in the Air Force.

Website Edna 600X320

Pictured above: Edna with physiotherapist Kendall. Edna shares with Kendall how her husband served in WWII.

Website Frank 600X320

Pictured above: Frank and physiotherapist Thea spend some time together, discussing his service in the Navy.

Website Miriam 600X320

Pictured above: Miriam and Josh enjoy so sunshine and a chat with Miriams Legacy Bear, discussing Miriams husbands service in WWII.

Website Ron 600X320

Pictured above: Ron and Occupational Therapist Hongyi spend time together,and talk about his deployment.

*Photos with thanks from Empower Healthcare.