Quoits With Friends

October 12, 2020

At Mayflower we love to find ways to empower residents to remain active, in a fun and engaging way.

And what better way is there, than to have a friendly game of quoits with friends?

Tom 2 LR

Picture above, Tom plays a modified game of quoits to suit his needs.

By playing active games, both body and mind are engaged.

This kind of activity helps you to maintain your mobility, fitness levels and can give you a spritely boost to your mood. Other less obvious results are building and maintaining social connections with those around you and reducing boredom.

Tom especially enjoyed his time with others playing quoits, and was a keen participant,

“I really enjoyed that, if you have this activity again, let me know!” says Tom.

Rodney And Graham Ring In Air LR

Caught flying through the air, Rodneys ring is destinied to land in the right spot.

Chrstina LR

Christina also enjoyed her time playing the game, tossing rings like a seasoned professional.