Razija's Elegant Lacework

June 29, 2021

Meet Razija, a resident of Mayflower Reservoir, a loving mother, grandmother and lace-making enthusiast.

Razija Smiling Crop Lr

Razija uses fine cotton to make her lace masterpieces, with fine crochet hooks and round needles coming in to play.

With a giving heart, she also enjoys giving her pieces as gifts, such as beautiful handmade lace jewellery.

When asked how long a larger piece of lacework takes, Razija tells, “it can take 6 months,” what an impressive effort.

Lace Up Close Lr

Pictured here: Up-close view of Razija's beautifully intricate lacework, showcasing the level of accuracy and detail needed to make lace from cotton thread.

Lace Jewellery 2 Lr

Pictured above: Some examples of beautiful jewellery Razija has created, also using cotton thread, and often generously given as gifts.