Shopping Service Brings its Own Rewards

March 19, 2021

Mayflower is fortunate to have a wonderful team of staff who enjoy going above and beyond to bring happiness to residents’ lives.

Gift Shop Manager, Nicole, is one of these staff. Nicole was recently nominated for the Mayflower Choice Awards for her dedication and commitment to brightening residents’ days, especially noting her extra efforts during the COVID-19 lockdown last year.

Nicole LR

Pictured above: Nicole has a kind and generous heart, and not only offered this special personalised shopping service, but also stayed for a chat with each resident she met along the way.

As lockdown evolved - family members and friends were no longer able to visit Mayflower or bring in items for those that they love.

In response to this unusual situation, Mayflower introduced a new shopping and delivery service at no cost to residents with the aim of providing support.

Nicole was keen to get the initiative going, and began daily visits to residents in our aged care home - as part of our person-centred approach to care and service. She also provided support to retirement village residents, helping them to stay safe at home.

“Our shop was closed by the government during Stage 4 lockdown, because it’s a retail shop,” says Nicole.

“We were concerned that retirement village residents wouldn’t be safe going to the supermarket, given their age – so I went mobile and brought the grocery shop to them,” says Nicole.

Nicole generously donated many of her own hours to meet the needs of residents across Brighton.

This empowered residents to be able to order exactly what they needed, and have it delivered right to their door.

“Our home shopping service was about making sure each individual person got exactly what they needed and stayed safe. I went to the shops, so that they didn’t have to,” Nicole says.

Nicole has a generous spirit, and not only offered this special personalised shopping service, but also stayed for a chat while donning full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), providing important social support, and building strong connections with each resident she met along the way.

“I felt it was important to take time to have a chat with everyone as well as do their shopping,” says Nicole.

“I loved making sure residents get that extra touch of companionship.”

Of course, our wonderful residents wanted to give something back, and they did this by sharing a favourite Aussie tradition – a cuppa and a biscuit.

“There’s no way I could have any more cups of tea or any more biscuits,” laughs Nicole.

“It felt like I was having 150 cups of tea a day!“

Miriam looked forward to her regular visits.

“I found Nicole most helpful and caring,” she says.

“Nicole’s been such nice company and always gets me what I need,” says Miriam, “she's been a wonderful help for me before I even need to ask for it.”

Glenda also appreciated the extra support while friends were unable to visit.

“Nicole is a wonderful person, and the trolley is a special treat,” says Glenda.

Nicole was nominated by one of her peers for the Mayflower Choice Awards – which aim to recognise staff who embody the Mayflower Values of Compassion, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

“Nicole did personal shopping for residents across Mayflower - this was a free service. Nicole has built special relationships with residents in both departments and has a keen eye for identifying additional care/services residents may need. Nicole always has a proactive approach and delivers exceptional customer service to residents,” said the anonymous nomination.

And we couldn’t agree more.

Nicole, like many people working in aged care, feels that she receives just as much as she gives.

“I love the wisdom of the people living at Mayflower and I learn so much from them. Every day I leave here and realise I’ve learnt something new,” says Nicole.

As the adage goes, love your work and you’ll never work a day in your life.

“I love coming to work each day simply because I love their smiles, and hearing them say “hello,” really makes my day.”

The Gift Shop trolley began many years before COVID-19 and is a popular service at Mayflower, and continues to run weekly for residents in residential care, with treats, the latest gossip magazines and a friendly chat.

Your opportunity to join the Mayflower Gift Shop team

Our gorgeous Mayflower Gift Shop is open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm and on Saturday

mornings from 10am - 1pm.

Our gift shop is run by volunteers from the community. If you have a few hours you could spare, we would love you to join our friendly team.

No experience needed, just a welcoming smile.

Please call Nicole on 0418991202