Smokey BBQ a Cheery Treat

May 7, 2020

Residents at Mayflower Brighton are enjoying BBQ’s hosted by Lifestyle, with each house taking their turn to be waited on.

Jackie Low Res Crop Website

Pictured above: Jackie, one of our newest members of the Hyde House family, tucks in to the yummy BBQ treat.

Last week it was Hyde House’s turn to enjoy the mouth-watering smoky smells and flavours on a cold wintery day, from the comfort of their dining room.

Each resident was given the choice to opt in for the BBQ, or to have a chef prepared meal as usual, with many residents taking up the offer, and with plenty of them coming back for seconds.

Our hard-working staff in Hyde House didn’t miss out either, with many of them drawn in by the tantalising smell and getting in on the BBQ feast, dining social-distance style, of course!

Peter Crop Low Res

Pictured above: Peter went back for seconds, with the smokey smells of the BBQ too much to resist.

Ron Low Res Crop

Pictured above: Ron also had a second helping of salads, sausage and rissole.