Special Easter Moments at Mayflower Brighton

May 2, 2020

Mayflower Brighton staff went the extra mile at Easter, donating their time to ensure that every resident got some extra attention including a personal visit from one very essential worker – the Easter Bunny.

David Easter 2020 Crop Low Res

David beams with love and joy, as he sends this special message to his wife Helen.

Residents were delighted when Lifestyle Assistant Debbie, dressed as the Easter Bunny, and our 'Bunny Assistant', Lifestyle Coordinator Teresa came hopping down the corridors armed with baskets of Easter goodies.

Residents jumped at the opportunity to send their loved ones a special Easter greeting in the form of a pictorial message, while others wrote a personalised note to let them know they were in their hearts. These happy moments were shared with their loved ones soon after, helping to keep our community connected on this special day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful staff for caring so much about our residents’ happiness. We continue to be delighted at the effort and dedication we are seeing each and every day to bring acts of kindness to the people in our care.

Enid Easter 2020 Crop Low Res

Enid chose to send a custom letter to her family, wishing them the very best over Easter.

Iris Easter 2020 Crop Low Res

Iris also chose her own message, wishing her children and grandchildren a happy and long life.

Gwen Easter 2020 Crop Low Res

Gwen was excited to send her family this loving greeting.