Spectacular Watergarden Visit

April 8, 2020

Residents of Mayflower Reservoir visited the picturesque Blue Lotus Watergarden, where they spent the day exploring and delighting at the sights before them. This outing occurred only a month ago and reminds us of the wonderful experiences we can all look forward to once the current pandemic is brought under control.

Mayflower 46T1781

Pictured above: Lifestyle Coordinator Helen, with Tony, Josef, care staff member Debbie and Erika on a picturesque bridge overlooking one of the many lush watergardens.

Residents delighted in being amongst the exquisite lotus blooms, lotus and waterlily covered ponds, lush tropical plants, waterfall and even an ancient flower believed to have been in existence when the dinosaurs still walked this earth.

With a kaleidoscope of colour in every direction the residents turned, there was not much more one could say aside from “Wow!”. A true experience for our residents of the magnificence of nature and the beauty of colour.

Residents took their time roaming the beautiful gardens and stopped for a coffee and a chat at the Lilly Pond Café overlooking another spectacular pond covered in lilies and speckled with water-loving wildlife.

We are very much looking forward to taking residents on more outings when we return to our normal routine.

Mayflower 46T1910

Erika and Debbie take in the gorgeous views together.

Mayflower 46T1981

The bonds formed between staff and residents at Mayflower transcend age and diversity. Pictured here are Margaret and Lifestyle Coordinator Helen.