The Luck of The Irish

March 17, 2024

The spirit of St. Patrick's Day filled the air across Mayflower, as residents revelled in all things Irish and green - embracing the joyous festivities with warmth and cheer.

This year, the celebrations kicked off a little early, as anticipation bubbled among residents eager to mark this special day. Each home within Mayflower radiated with Irish charm, adorned with whimsical decorations including Irish hats, shamrocks, rainbows, and, of course, pots of gold.

Delightful green treats and green beverages were served, enchanting taste buds with the essence of the Emerald Isle. From green jelly to cupcakes topped with vibrant green icing were just some of the favourite sweets of the day.

Residents enjoyed lively games of Irish trivia, testing their knowledge of all things Irish, while St. Patrick's Day-themed happy hours and sing-alongs added to the merriment. Live Irish music filled the halls, transporting everyone to the verdant hills of Ireland. Our dedicated team members also joined in the fun, donning shades of green and embracing the festive spirit wholeheartedly.

At Mayflower, celebrating cultural traditions like St. Patrick's Day isn't just about the festivities; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and connection. It's about honouring the diverse backgrounds and experiences of each person living at Mayflower, creating meaningful opportunities for them to share their heritage and traditions with others. These celebrations remind us of our community's rich tapestry of cultures, strengthening bonds and enriching lives with each shared moment.

Three women dancing together
Pictured above: Sue dances with Lifestyle Assistant Mary during the jubilant affair.
Ray and Jack sitting and enjoying the celebrations, wearing their green sparkly hats.
Pictured above Ray and friend Jack, during the St Patrick’s Day Happy Hour enjoyed a drink and some live music. Ray has the ‘luck of the Irish’ on his side - with his birthday falling just before St Patrick’s Day, giving him the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with extra flair.
Peter and John sitting next to each other enjoying the party.
Good friends Peter and John share a laugh and wine together, during the festivities at Mayflower Brighton.
Mayflower team members dressed in green for St Patrick's day.
Our team donned the colour of the day - green, from head to toe!