Sunny Smiles and the Ice-Cream Trolley!

April 3, 2020

During the height of lockdown Lifestyle whipped around Mayflower Brighton delivering a sweet treat for all!

DSC00596 Low Res

Anna knows a treat when she sees one! Anna had her very own catering business "Knibbles of Toorak" and is well known for dishing a treat!

One of the challenges we all face during a lockdown is preventing social isolation, and residents missing those extra special treats family members and friends bring in when they visit.

Understanding this, Lifestyle staff met the challenge head-on and whipped a trolley laden with 7 flavours of delicious ice-cream around all three levels of the aged care home, ensuring everyone received a visit.

Not everyone was able to have ice-cream for dietary reasons, but they all loved the social experience of a personal visit, a quick ‘hello’ and a sunny smile!

The hardest part for residents? Trying to decide which flavour of ice-cream to try first!

DSC00594 Low Res

Anna and Betsy enjoyed their suprise ice cream trolley visit.

DSC00601 Low Res

Raffaelle chose cookies and creams as his ice cream treat!

DSC00607 Low Res

The smile says it all. Barry met Lifestyle in the hallway, and was glad he did!

DSC00617 Low Res

Kathleens choice? Hokey Pokey ice cream!

DSC00624 Low Res

Livia didn't mind the room delivery service, either!

DSC00616 Low Res

It is always so lovely to see our residets smiling. Delli enjoyed a raspberry cream flavoured ice cream.