Talking about Walking

May 17, 2019

The Mayflower Brighton walking group is expanding its horizons. This long-standing group of walking enthusiasts is often seen venturing out on relaxing strolls around the Mayflower Brighton campus. Recently they travelled to Booran Park to revisit their childhood memories.

Booran Park 1

Booran Reserve has a space for everyone. Incorporating universal landscape design principles, this park ensures access for all ages and abilities. Colourful and gently sloped pathways allowed intuitive movement and assisted those with limited mobility. A range of seating harnesses on the five-way swing provided an immersive and shared experience.

Resident Marjorie couldn’t stop talking about the fun they all had on this refreshing day out. She particularly enjoyed the slide, which brought back memories of childhood and time spent with her children. Her friend Shirley chose to stick to the five-way swing and had a great time in the Autumn sunshine.

While sliding and swinging may seem a little risky for some older residents, recognising each individual’s right to autonomy and self-determination in making choices (known as dignity of risk) is important. This outing proved to be the right recipe for resident happiness, and the delivery of individualised care.

Upon the residents return to Mayflower, word quickly spread, and the next walking group trip to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens was fully booked with a waiting list.

Everyone who attended expressed a desire to return to Booran Reserve and we will add this venue to their regular walking group schedule. This is in addition to the twice-weekly stroll closer to home, around the Mayflower Brighton residence.

Who says that getting older means slowing down?

Booran Park 2