Thank You, Volunteers!

May 20, 2024

At Mayflower, we celebrated National Volunteer Week by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to our many dedicated volunteers.

National Volunteer Week, celebrated each year in May, is Australia’s largest annual event recognising and celebrating the significance of volunteering.

This special week highlights the crucial contributions of volunteers in our community and encourages those who haven't yet volunteered to get involved.

This year's theme was ‘Something for Everyone’, highlighting that there’s a place for everyone in the world of volunteering – and we couldn’t agree more.

The stats are in, and unsurprisingly to us, an incredible 20% of all Victorian Australians volunteer in the aged care sector. And, we are so grateful.


Nicole standing on stage and giving a speech.
Pictured: Nicole's speech was from the heart. Nicole is our Gift Shop Manager and Gifts and Giving Coordinator.

According to Volunteering Australia, the top two reasons for volunteering in aged care are:

· To do something that is meaningful and creates change

· To help others in your local community


National Volunteer Week at Mayflower – We Say Thank You

We invited our volunteers from across Mayflower to come together for a high tea event, to be celebrated and appreciated for their invaluable contributions.

During the event, each volunteer received a thoughtful gift as a token of our gratitude. We also presented certificates to honour those who have served us for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years - marking significant milestones of their commitment and dedication.

Keeping it Fresh Each Year

As a point of difference, this year a video was presented to attendees, with heartfelt messages of thanks from residents, management, our team and our CEO, Stuart Rodney.

The presentation concluded with a solemn moment as we remembered well-loved Gift Shop volunteer Lorraine, who has sadly passed away.

In the week leading up to the special event, residents and our team were also given the opportunity to sign an A2 sized card – with many notes of appreciation added.

A highlight during the event was a touching moment during Nicole’s speech when she encouraged each attendee to give each other a standing applause.

The room erupted with joy and applause – creating a lasting memory for us all. Nicole is our Gift Shop Manager and Gifts and Giving Coordinator, and a large majority of our volunteers are pleased to be able to work with her in the Gift Shop.

Mayflower CEO, Stuart Rodney, also expressed his gratitude at the event, greeting many o four volunteers individually, and highlighting our volunteers’ profound impact in connecting with residents.

Through their selfless contributions, our volunteers help combat loneliness and bring a sense of purpose to both themselves and those they support.

We are incredibly fortunate and grateful to have such a dedicated and talented group of volunteers who continue to make a difference in the Mayflower world.

CEO Rodney, Volunteer Glenn, and Care and Leisure team leader Hitesh.
Pictured above: Glenn Delaney receives his recognition of 20 years of service, from CEO Stuart Rodney and Care and Leisure Coordinator Hitesh.

A Very Important Role

Our volunteers play a vital role in various areas, from tending gardens and quiz mastery, to running Bingo, and looking after our Mayflower Brighton Gift Shop.

This year's milestone awards were:

20 Years

Glenn Delaney  – Quiz Master

15 Years

Helen Wartman  – Gift Shop Volunteer

10 Years

Barbara McArdle – Gift Shop Volunteer

Anne Culley - Gift Shop Volunteer

5 Years

Carolyn de Smit - Gift Shop Volunteer
Mayflower also acknowledges Carolyn assisted Lifestyle with Happy Hour while a loved one of hers was a resident.

Volunteering at Mayflower

If you are inspired to ‘Make a Difference’ and join our team of Mayflower volunteers, please call 1300 522 273. Your contribution can create meaningful connections and bring joy to the lives of many.


Helen receiving a gift from Rodney and Nicole.
Helen Wartman  – Gift Shop Volunteer of 15 years - pictured with Nicole, our Gift Shop Manager and Gifts and Giving Coordinator.
Barbara receiving a gift from Rodney and Nicole.
Barbara McArdle – Gift Shop Volunteer of 10 years
Ann receiving a gift from Rodney and Nicole.
Anne Culley - Gift Shop Volunteer of 10 years
Carlolyn receiving a gift from Rodney and Nicole.
Carolyn de Smit - Gift Shop Volunteer of 5 years.