The Great Beanie Giveaway

April 3, 2021

Debbie has been busy knitting and crocheting to bring joy to Mayflower employees.

During this pandemic, Debbie has found she has had a little extra time on her hands, which inspired her to do something special for others.

Debbie Beanies Low Res

Pictured above: Debbie has a heart of gold. and loves to give back to others wherever she can.

In her downtime at home, while watching the telly, Debbie knits and crochets to her hearts content, while spending time with her family.

The result? The creation of beautiful beanies in every colour and size imaginable, and even beanies for the children of her co-workers.

“I’ve had some extra time on my hands, and I wanted to make something meaningful,” says Debbie.

A pile of beanies was made in just a few weeks, and each one was destined for greater things – to bring some joy and warm comfort to our wonderful staff who have been working so tirelessly to keep our residents safe.

“I just wanted to do something for other staff, who might have been feeling a bit down with the weather and social isolation,” says Debbie. “I thought making some beanies would be a great way to give them a boost!”

Debbie is a Lifestyle Assistant, and brings her incredible talent to residents, who are always looking forward to their ‘Knit and Chat’ sessions with her each week. The size of this group has recently grown in popularity, a true indication of how much our residents enjoy this activity.

“Knit and Chat has become quite trendy this year!” adds Debbie.

Debbie had a wonderful time handing out the beanies to surprised and smiling staff members. “It was so rewarding to see the smiles on their faces,” she says.

And when each staff member asked the cost of the beanies, Debbie answered with a smile, “it will cost you a photo”.

“It was great fun,” says Debbie.

Derya Low Res

Pictured here is Derya sporting a peach number.

Josh Low Res

Pictured here is Josh from our physio and occupational therapist team, enjoying a blue beanie.

Env Services Low Res

Pictured above we have one of our wonderful team members from environmental services sporting a classy little black number.

Kristina Low Res

Here is Kristina looking radiant in a bright and cheery mustard

Hongyi Low Res

Pictured here is Hongyi, occupational therapist, sporting a green knitted beanie

Liz Low Res

Pictured here is Liz wearing a light grey-blue beanie

Nicole Low Res

Nicole shows us how a salmon, grey and white beanie can be worn with confidence

Food Services Low Res

Another little black number is showcased by Yiota from our kitchen and food services team

PCA Name

Marlin wears a designer blue beanie, complete with an adorable pom-pom

Rose Low Res

Pictured here is Rose looking lovely in another pretty blue beanie

Lifestyle Group Low Res

Pictured Lthe lifestyle team show off their beanies. Teresa, Debbie, Malliga, Puneet and Hitesh all looking great.