The Men of Mayflower get social

May 29, 2019

Every Tuesday it’s men’s social at Mayflower Brighton, an excellent opportunity for the men of Mayflower to get together and have a good old chinwag over a couple of beers and a BBQ, catch a movie or reminisce over the old days.

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Our BBQ lunch is the most popular men’s social event, with Graham Hansen from Rasmussen house never afraid to get his hands dirty and get in and cook the snags for everyone.

Other Men’s social sessions include movies in our in-house cinema, pizza lunches and quizzes. Our monthly session of reminiscing usually includes discussions about sport, cars, past occupations and hobbies our residents enjoyed.

This activity allows male aged care residents to get together in a relaxed environment and builds social connection, engagement and participation by sharing of knowledge and life experiences.

Feedback on our Tuesday Men’s social session has been overwhelming with residents “Looking forward to next week’s Men’s social” and the resounding “BBQ lunch was a success for Men’s Social”.

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