The Power of Good Food

August 25, 2022

Food is one of life’s great pleasures – important to health and happiness. Enjoying good food together creates the perfect time to socialise and connect. High-quality food is also vital to longevity and wellbeing in aged care.

Eating a well-balanced diet contributes significantly to quality of life. Benefits include reduced risk of chronic disease, faster recovery from illness, clarity of mind, greater protection against infection and a lower risk of falls.

Pictured above: Mayflower Reservoir Chef Lionel puts pride into everything he prepares, and uses the freshest ingredients.

Eating well is also about pleasure, which increases when a meal is shared. Gathering around a dining table allows us to tell our stories and build relationships, increasing social bonding, feelings of contentment, and contributing to our overall wellbeing.

At Mayflower, good food is a pillar of our care. We believe meals must be nutritious, wholesome, and pleasurable, igniting the senses and emotions through flavour, scent, and reminiscence.

Our meals are prepared onsite by our in-house qualified chefs, using the freshest ingredients, and served in intimate dining rooms with our catering team’s utmost attention.

We believe that dining is a social event, and that our intimate dining areas provide the best atmosphere to bring people together. Friends and family are encouraged to dine too, when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Our menus are developed by qualified dietitians specialising in aged care - in consultation with our chefs, care team, residents, and those they love. Variety is important.

We offer a choice of meals - plated individually with care – mindful of special dietary requirements, as well as cultural and personal preferences.

Food is also central to our celebrations. It plays a big part in connecting our community for birthdays, anniversaries, cultural events, and special occasions.

The sound of the ice-cream cart arriving, the aroma of authentic Greek coffee, and the sensory stimulation of cooking together, brings joy to every day. Residents at Mayflower Brighton also love being able to visit Café Perla, while the community at Mayflower Reservoir now also has their own café, which opened in August 2022.

We work hard to continuously improve our food promise, including the choices, quality, presentation, and ambience of the dining experience. By delivering food people love in a nurturing environment, we aim to create a real sense of ‘home’.