This Little Birdie Sings

March 26, 2021

Mayflower Brighton residents have been enjoying the company of a new feathered friend - the aptly named, ‘Birdie’.

Tasked with ‘pet-sitting’ Birdie, all involved have loved everyone moment spent with her.

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Pictured above: Jim loves chatting to Birdie, "it's such a happy little bird!" says Jim.

“She is the most beautiful bird,” says Diana, a resident in Brighton, who has been helping take care of Birdie.

“I cover her each night to keep her warm, and she sings to me.”

Jim has also been enjoying his new feathered friends’ company too.

“It’s such a happy little bird, and always hops around and comes right up to me,” says Jim.

Watching animals can bring back fond memories and can help residents and team members form bonds over the experience of taking care of a pet, while also reminiscing together.

“We always had animals growing up,” says Jim, “we had 50 chooks, 10 dogs, and other animals too.”  

Birdie is a female green canary and belongs to Mayflower team member Christina.  

Christina has loaned the little bird to brighten the day of those who walk by, bringing life and laugher to the residence with her gentle tune.

Seeing the impact one little bird can make, our team has now bought a new aviary, that will soon be ready to welcome some more permanent feathered friends.

The aviary will be portable so that it can more around the Brighton residence, giving everyone the opportunity to take part in the care and company of our pets.

This Little Birdie Sings

Animals are a great way to enrich our lives.

Watch as one little 'Birdie' makes a big impression on Jim.