Tiptoe through the lavender

September 11, 2019

There’s nothing like the tranquil scent of fresh lavender to help you relax, and our Mayflower Reservoir residents did just that on their recent trip to the Warratina Lavender Farm.

Mayflower 46T0049

Residents experienced the scenic drive out to the beautiful Yarra Valley for an often-requested visit to the lush aromatic farm. Upon arrival, attending residents Tony, Margaret, Erika, Bruce and John enjoyed a leisurely lunch. A favourite with residents was the café’s signature lasagne enjoyed in the rare winter sunshine, overlooking rows of light purple winter-flowering lavender.

After lunch, residents Tony and John, accompanied by John’s daughter and Mayflower team members Helen and Michelle enjoyed a stroll through the aromatic rows of lavender. The remaining residents enjoyed a quiet reflection in the homestead courtyard.

“It was lovely seeing these vast fields of lavender, in flower, even in winter,” said John.

The farm was first planted in 1991, with a small plot of lavender on land that had once been a cherry orchard. It began as a hobby, but over the years the farm gradually expanded & now has over 10,000 lavender plants.

After a glorious day spend relaxing in the winter sunshine residents returned to Mayflower, with plenty of lavender scented gifts, and even lavender honey.

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