Virtual Concerto in the Lounge

October 29, 2020

Students of St Leonard’s have formed connections with residents of Mayflower Brighton over the years and have recently started performing personal concertos – with a difference.

COVID-19 restrictions have forced many of us to find new ways to connect, and students of St Leonard’s College are no different.

While missing regular visits and annual concerts for our residents, students Anton and Xavier banded together with the help of other students to create intimate virtual concerts, just for us.

The virtual concert was played in each area of Mayflower Brighton’s aged care home, with residents in Hyde House even requesting an encore.

The concert was complete with individual performances of voice, violin, trumpet, piano, and even a musical instrument unfamiliar to most – a marimba, which is quite like a xylophone, but much larger.

Thank you to St Leonard’s for helping to brighten our residents’ days.

Screen Grab

Anton and Xavier play their virtual concert for residents

Ellen Edited Low Res

Ellen enjoys her front row seat

Angela Low Res

The smile behind Angela's mask says it all...