Volunteers Lunch

July 1, 2019

Mayflower was proud to celebrate the rich contribution of our hardworking and much-appreciated volunteers at our Annual Volunteer luncheon held in May.

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As part of National Volunteer Week, Mayflower residents, staff and volunteers shared a delicious luncheon and a glass of wine to thank our valuable volunteers and acknowledge how they are “making a difference” in the Mayflower world.

Volunteering plays a vital role at Mayflower, helping connect residents and members of the community, which can alleviate loneliness and provide a sense of purpose for both parties.

Mayflower CEO, Rosa Ginevra, says that Mayflower is blessed to have such a strong contingent of active volunteers, who bring their unique skills and time.

“Mayflower feels truly fortunate to have such a dedicated community giving their time so freely,” says Rosa. “Our volunteers share their many unique skills to entertain and engage the people in our care.”

During the celebrations, our loved volunteers, Glenn Delaney and Judee Stevenson were awarded service badges and certificates of appreciation for their fifteen and twenty years of service respectively.

Judee is the heart and soul of the gift shop at Mayflower Brighton and has been kind enough to share her talents and time to ensure that the gift shop is immaculately presented with many useful and beautiful items, as well as providing a meaningful social connection for residents.

If you would like to “Make a Difference” by becoming a Mayflower volunteer, please call 9591 1100.

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