Walking Group Enticed by the Cosy Indoors – and Our Gift Shop

July 22, 2021

You will often find a small group of residents enjoying a leisurely stroll in our lush gardens while connecting with the Mayflower Brighton community.

As the weather gets colder and more inclement, the allure of the warm and cosy indoors grows stronger – and other places to visit around the residence grow in popularity.

Eric Shopping Lr

Here is Eric, during a recent walking group excursion around our site. The group of stroll enthusiasts visited the Mayflower Gift Shop, where they were gifted, this bright and colourful lap blanket, made generously by one of our volunteers.

You can learn more about our lovely little gift shop and how you can join our team of volunteers by visiting this link: Brighton Gift Shop Volunteers

Bev Shopping Lr

Pictured above: Here is Bev, who found this fluffy bunny both amusing and absolutely adorable.