What Are the Four Levels of Home Care Packages?

June 1, 2023

Instead of having to relocate to a residential aged care environment, in-home care allows older Australians to safely and comfortably continue living independently at home.

Once approved for a government-subsidised Home Care Package suited to their personal care needs, an older person can receive the appropriate level of care and support.

When considering your options, it’s important to understand that there are four levels of home care. Each package level is designed to provide access to a different level of support, with varying Home Care Package funds and care services.

So, what are the four levels of Home Care Packages? Let’s take a closer look.

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Level 1 Home Care Package

Naturally, we have to start with Level 1. A Level 1 Home Care Package is intended to provide support for basic care needs. An older Australian who can take care of most of their everyday tasks, but needs a little bit of support, can benefit from a Level 1 package.

For instance, services at this level usually include shopping assistance, transportation and meal preparation.

The level of government funding at this level is around $9,026 per year, according to My Aged Care. You may receive around 2 hours of home care assistance per week, depending on what your care plan calls for.

With all of the Home Care Package levels, keep in mind that the government does not specifically define “basic care” or any of the other care descriptors. Rather, the determination of how much care you need will be established during an evaluation. We’ll get into the details a bit later on.

Level 2 Home Care Package

Next in the four levels of Home Care Packages is Level 2. A Level 2 Home Care Package is best suited for people with low-level care needs. This means they are still able to take care of many daily activities, but require some extra assistance beyond the basic care level.

For example, someone who needs additional personal care, social support or basic assistive technology could be eligible for a Level 2 Home Care Package. The need for additional support maintaining your home and garden, as well as more hands-on help around the house, could also call for a Level 2 package.

At Level 2, you may end up receiving anywhere from 3-4 hours of home care per week. Funding is around $15,887 a year, as guided by My Aged Care Home Care Packages.

Level 3 Home Care Package

A Level 3 home care package supports people with intermediate care needs. Someone eligible for a Level 3 Home Care Package will need more support to be able to confidently, comfortably and safely remain at home.

In most cases, this will mean the care recipient has more advanced care needs due to one or several health conditions.

At this level, someone may require basic assistance with tasks around the home in addition to routine nursing support, help with medication management or more complex nutritional support. An older person experiencing memory loss or behavioral changes may also require Level 3 assistance.

Specialised allied health services like physiotherapy are also often subsidised through Level 3 Home Care Packages.

According to My Aged Care, funding at this level can amount to approximately $34,550 per year. Older Australians receiving Level 3 support might have 7-9 hours of assistance during the week.

Level 4 Home Care Package

Level 4 home care packages are designed for older people with high-level care needs. Elderly Australians with complex health conditions, mobility limitations and other issues who are assigned a Level 4 package will benefit from additional time with a carer as well as more intensive care services.

In addition to the possible circumstances described for Level 3, examples of Level 4 care could include assistance with bathing, dressing and getting in and out of bed.

Someone who requires support for continence management, dementia, vision or hearing impairment or another condition may also be eligible for Level 4 home care.

At Level 4, more advanced care needs will be supported by around 10-13 of support each week. Funding is roughly $52,337 per year, according to My Aged Care.

Be mindful that, whatever government subsidy you’re assigned, your Home Care Package funding will not cover other home care fees such as the basic daily fee, if your provider charges it, or an income-tested care fee which is assessed by the government.

Mayflower does not charge a daily fee for My Aged Care Home Care Packages.

Which Home Care Package Level Is Right for You?

Being able to answer the question, “What are the four levels of Home Care Packages?” doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to choose the level you feel best describes your care needs.

Rather, you will meet with an Aged Care Assessment service to discuss your medical history, current situation and care requirements.

The results of your assessment will determine which level you’re approved for, how much funding you can receive and what care that plan entails. You’ll receive a formal decision that outlines the details of your Home Care Package will look like.

When it comes time to start looking for a reliable care provider in the Melbourne area, contact Mayflower to learn more about our home care services in Bayside and Northern Melbourne.