What Does a Level 3 Home Care Package Include?

February 1, 2021

Have you or a family member recently been approved for a Level 3 Home Care Package? Are you just beginning to explore your options?

Either way, you might be wondering what this type of care package means.

Commonly asked questions include: How much funding is available? What does a Level 3 Home Care Package include and exclude? Who is eligible for this level of support?

Here is a quick guide to how this type of funding package helps older Australians continue living independently and safely in the comfort of their own home.

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About Level 3 Home Care Packages

Older Australians who wish to remain in their own homes and communities can benefit from a range of home care services. This can include assistance with everything from personal care to clinical care.

The government provides funding for home care services through Home Care Packages.

There are four different levels of Home Care Package support.

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Home Care Packages are for basic care needs and low-level care needs.
  • Level 3 is the solution for an older person who needs intermediate level nursing care.
  • Level 4 is for individuals with high-level care requirements.

Eligibility for a Level 3 Home Care Package

Before going deeper into the question of “What does a Level 3 Home Care Package include?”, it is important to understand who it is designed for and how one becomes eligible for this level of support.

You will need to have an Aged Care Assessment to review your individual needs and determine the most suitable Home Care Package level for you.

If your Aged Care assessor determines you have intermediate care needs, they will assign you to a Level 3 Package.

Fees and Funding for Level 3 Home Care Packages

What does a Level 3 Home Care Package include in terms of government funding? Here's what you need to know about what you can receive and the contributions you may need to make towards your package.

What Will the Government Pay?

The daily subsidy rate for Level 3 Home Care Package is $94.66. This equates to approximately $34,550 annually. This amount is adjusted each year.

You may also be eligible for supplements to assist with dementia and cognition, oxygen, enteral feeding, or if you are a veteran or experiencing hardship.

What Might You Be Required To Pay?

As with all Home Care Packages, you may be required to cover a basic daily fee.

At Level 3, the maximum rate is $10.97 per day. This amount is adjusted each year. Mayflower does not charge a daily fee for home care packages.

If you have the financial means to cover some of your home care needs, the government will require you to do so. This contribution is called an income-tested care fee, and it contributes toward your package funding.

You will still receive the level of home care services up to the amount you’re entitled to, but the funding will come in part from the government and in part from your personal income.

As an example, if you're approved for a Level 3 Home Care Package with a value of $34,550 per year and your income assessment determines that you’re able to cover $5,000 per year, your home care provider will receive $5000 from you and $29,550 from the government.

Pensioners do not have to pay an income tested care fee. The maximum income tested care fee ranges is up to $5,879.85 per annum for pensioners and $11,759.74 for self funded retirees (at March 2022).

The maximum lifetime cap for this fee is around $69,000 - across both aged care and home care services.

Using Level 3 Home Care Package Funding

When considering how you can use Home Care Package Funds, keep in mind that a Level 3 Package is intended to cover intermediate care needs.

This means that you are likely to be eligible for residential aged care – but prefer to stay in your own home, or you may be recovering from surgery and need nursing care at home.

Level 3 Home Care Package services may include:

  • Personal care including help with bathing and showering, dressing/undressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, washing/drying hair and shaving
  • Nursing support including wound care and management, medication management, and other clinical care
  • Nutritional support including meal preparation, meal delivery and assistance with eating
  • Allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy and other clinical services such as hearing and vision services
  • Specialised support including advisory services to assist with continence management, dementia, vision and hearing

You can also access cleaning and home maintenance services, social support and transport services. Your Level 3 Home Care Package may also be used for certain home modifications and assistive technology.

Everyday expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, entertainment and normal grocery purchases are not covered under a Level 3 Home Care Package, since they are not directly related to supporting intermediate care requirements.

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