What’s Included in a Home Care Package Level 1?

March 1, 2021

Could you or an elderly loved one use some help around the home? Are you wondering whether you might qualify for a Home Care Package?

The government’s My Aged Care Home Care Package program provides funding for ageing Australians with a range of care needs. So, even if you’re looking for basic assistance, you just might be eligible for some support .

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Here’s what you should know about a Level 1 Home Care Package, from how to qualify to what services are covered.

Which Home Care Package Level Is Right for You?

Each type of Home Care Package has been designed to meet different support needs, ranging from simple to complex.

A Level 1 Home Care Package is best suited for someone who need basic support. Level 2 is designed to support an older person with low-level care needs.

Whereas a Level 3 Home Care Package would be assigned to someone with moderate care needs, and Level 4 is reserved for anyone with high-level needs, usually involving clinical care.

To qualify for a Home Care Package, you’ll need to meet with an Aged Care Assessor to discuss your health and wellbeing, as well any challenges you are facing.

Following the assessment, you’ll be advised if you are eligible for a Home Care Package and the level of funding you will receive.

It’s important to note that, since everyone’s situation is different, and each person is unique, each package will be different, too.

What Is a Level 1 Home Care Package?

The government considers Level 1 to be the right Home Care Package level for people with basic care needs.

Although ‘basic care’ isn’t specifically defined, this could include support with errands, shopping assistance, or occasional transportation. It could also include help with tasks around the home, like meal preparation, cleaning or light yard work.

People receiving a Level 1 Home Care Package don’t generally need a significant amount of personal care or domestic assistance, and don’t typically have complex medical conditions that require frequent visits and more advanced care.

But, for many older Australians, a bit of extra support can make a big difference in their ability to live at home safely and comfortably.

What Services Are Included in a Home Care Package - Level 1?

A Level 1 Home Care Package can include a range of home care services, depending on your circumstances and the results of your aged care assessment. Your care provider will work with you to develop your care plan, ensuring that it supports both your care needs and lifestyle goals.

My Aged Care explains that these services are meant to keep you safe, independent, healthy and connected all whilst living at home.

Services at this level may include:

  • Basic personal care assistance such as help with grooming
  • Friendly reminders to take medication at the right time
  • General home maintenance and light upkeep
  • Support for meal preparation or delivery
  • Assistance to get out and about

A Home Care Package Level 1 can also provide some social support, like arranging visits with friends or helping with phone and internet set-up so you can stay in contact with loved ones.

A care provider might also offer personalised assistance for people who may speak English as a second language.

A Level 1 package will generally include about 2 hours of in-home assistance each week, although the exact schedule and coverage will depend on your personalised care plan.

If you need more advanced support services— for example, routine nursing services or daily visits — you will most likely be assigned a higher Home Care Package level with additional funding.

How Much Is a Level 1 Home Care Package?

It’s important to understand the fees and funding associated with a Level 1 package.

As with all Home Care Packages, some home care costs are subsidised by the government and other costs are covered by you.

The maximum Government funding you can receive for a Level 1 Home Care Package is $24.73 per day, or just over $9,000 per year (at July 2021).

Depending on your financial situation, the government may ask you to contribute to the cost of your care by paying an income tested care fee.

Full pensioners do not have to pay the ‘Income Tested Care fee’. Part pensioners can pay up to $5,879.85 per year, increasing to $11,759.74 for self-funded retirees. (at March 2022)

Depending on your provider, you may also be required to pay a basic daily fee of up to $10.08 per day. However, Mayflower doesn’t charge this fee, helping to lower the costs of in-home care.

Find the Home Care Services You Need in Melbourne

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We have a friendly staff of carers ready to help you to continue living a safe, happy comfortable lifestyle at home.